We manage each step of the building process

  • Custom Home Building Consultation and Planning

    Planning & Prospecting

    Whether building new Single-family homes, Countryside Residences or Multi-family Condos, our each project is customized to the ideals and needs of our clients. The initial consultation and planning phase ensures that the layout, design and functionality of your new home will meet your standards.

  • Projecting and Time-line agreements

    Thriving to provide our clients best-in-class construction service, we manage each step of the building process, from drawing house plans and acquiring building permits, to laying foundation, installing time-tested frameworks, roofing and working closely to match your interior design requirements.

  • Foundation and Frameworks

    Laying down the boards to any chosen foundation shape and size is an one of the most important phases of the construction. Once completed, we are ready to proceed with raising the walls. As San Diego's building contractor, we are proficient at wooden, concrete and metal stud framing.

  • Roofing and Home Insulation

    Our team, and in many instaces, the sub-contractors with some of the top roofing experts in their teams,are confident in offering installation practices with broad spectrum of roofing systems and specialty materials.

  • Keys to Your New Home

    Building a home for the comfort and well-being of your family takes a certain degree of vision and belief on your behalf. We are here with you from the very beginning, from planning and budgeting phase,through-out the construction process, to delivering keys to your new home.